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Dernière mise à jour: Oct 17, 2018 04:56PM CEST


This article publishes the latest version of Bridgemate Control Software.


Download latest version

The latest version of Bridgemate Control Software is version 3.6.10 and can be downloaded from this article.


See the revision history for all modifications per versions.



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Update history

22-10-2013 - Article published
12-11-2013 - Latest version is 2.8.28
29-11-2013 - Latest version is 2.8.29
18-06-2015 - Latest version is 3.1.2
24-02-2016 - Latest version is 3.2.1
22-04-2016 - Latest version is 3.2.6
03-05-2017 - Latest version is 3.3.1
29-06-2017 - Latest version is 3.4.4
23-10-2017 - Latest version is 3.5.50
21-11-2017 - Latest version is 3.5.63
14-02-2018 - Latest version is 3.6.8
22-02-2018 - Latest version is 3.6.9
08-03-2018 - Latest version is 3.6.10



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