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Deleting or modifying your club registration

Dernière mise à jour: Feb 02, 2015 12:18PM CET


This article explains how to delete or modify your registration with a club in the Bridgemate app.



Should you need to modify or delete a membership registration, you can do so from the membership page. On the home screen, click on Club memberships to go to the membership page.

club memberships

Click on the cross next to the club for which you want to delete your registration. Confirm the deletion by clicking "Yes".

Deleting a membership registration with a club does not delete any associated data uploaded by the club. If you add the same membership registration again (with the same club and membership number), the same data will be available to you again.

Modifying a membership registration

If you need to change a membership registration, first delete the existing registration, then create a new membership registration with the correct club and membership number.


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