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Bridgemate Control Software 3.5.63

Ostatnia aktualizacja: Nov 21, 2017 02:51PM CET


Bridgemate Control Software version 3.5.63 is available for download and replaces previous version 3.5.50. This version includes support for the new Bridgemate pager system, Bridgemate II firmware version 3.0 and improvements to the Bridgemate app upload.


Windows XP service pack 3 or later Windows is required. You are advised to update your Windows to the latest version using Windows update before you install version 3.5.63 of Bridgemate Control Software.



Download the installer

Download the installer package Bridgemate Control Software 3.5.63

After downloading has completed, run the file to start the installation. Follow the instructions on your screen.

Select destination folder

At the install folder selection screen accept the default location or browse to the folder where Bridgemate Control Software was previously installed. Click Next to proceed.

Additional tasks

The following screen will ask you if you want to install additional software:

Installation Bridgemate Control Software

If you are a user of Bridgemate II and you haven't installed the driver yet for Bridgemate II USB server, check "Install driver for Bridgemate II USB server". The driver installation program will start after Bridgemate Control Software has been installed.
If you are also using the Bridgemate Pager system together with Bridgemate II and you haven't installed the driver for it yet, check "Install driver for Bridgemate pager transmitter"as well.

The option to install Crystal Reports XI engine should always remain checked unless you are sure this program is already installed on your computer. The Crystal Reports XI engine is needed to display various reports in Bridgemate Control Software.

Complete the installation by clicking Next and following the further instructions on screen. Once the files are being copied to your computer, the program should ask you to overwrite the previous file (if Bridgemate Control Software was installed before on this computer). Click Yes to confirm.


Additional information

Download the Bridgemate II manual for more information.
See the revision history for what is new in this version.


Older versions

Bridgemate Control Software 3.4.4
Bridgemate Control Software 3.3.2
Bridgemate Control Software 3.2.23
Bridgemate Control Software 3.1.2
Bridgemate Control Software 2.8.29

Update history

23-10-2017 - Article published
21-11-2017 - Version 3.5.50 replaced by version 3.5.63


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