After all pairs have logged in to the session and are ready to play, entry to the lobby is closed and the hybrid game is set up in the scoring program. This article explains the steps to be taken.


When all partnerships have been created, the director performs the following steps to close the preparations for the hybrid game.

1. Close entry and freeze online pairs

The assigned director for the online game logs in at with their Bridgemate account details and joins the game. When all partnerships are ready, the director clicks on the yellow "Click here to freeze pairs" button.

By freezing pairs:

  • The lobby is now closed and new players can no long enter.
  • Players who have not chosen a partner can no longer do so.
  • Existing partnerships can no longer be cancelled.
  • An odd number of pairs is possible. This creates a sit-out each round for one of the pairs.

A message indicates that the pairs are now frozen and the game can be started from the scoring program.

The tournament director can reopen the lobby again by pressing "Cancel". If the lobby is reopened, the director must freeze it once more before continuing with further preparations.

2. Set up the game in your scoring program

The game is now set up in the scoring program. Be sure to follow the steps below carefully:

  1. Add one or more sections for the face-to-face game and complete the preparations for these section(s). These section(s) are set up in the usual way when you create your club game session.  If the game is only played online, this step can be omitted.
  2. Add an extra section for the online game. The number of pairs must match the number of online pairs when the game was frozen. If there is an odd number of online pairs, add one pair in your scoring program to make the number of pairs even and specify the absent pair. You can choose any random pair to be the absent pair. Do not enter player numbers or player names for the online section; these are provided by Bridgemate Play.
  3. Select the movement for the online section. You can choose any type of pairs movement you want.
  4. Set the session to be scored across the field. This requires pre-dealt boards in the face-to-face club section(s).
  5. Import hand records for all sections. These hand records are played online. This requires your scoring program to have a hand record import feature. It also requires that your scoring program loads imported hand records into the Bridgemate .bws score file. If your scoring program does not support this, you can import hand records in Bridgemate Control Software. See the Start the hybrid game article for more information.

You are now ready to start the Bridgemate system from your scoring program and start the hybrid game.

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