When the computer enters standby mode, score retrieval by the Bridgemate Control Software [BCS] from the server is suspended, and thus updating of the bws file no longer takes place. As long as the server retains power, either via the usb cable or batteries, the Bridgemates will continue to function properly and the players will not notice that anything is amiss. However, as soon as you want to publish the result of the event, your scoring program will find that the scores of the last round(s) are not available in the .bws file. It is thus advisable always to disable the computer's hibernation mode when working with Bridgemates. This article explains how to change the settings in Windows.


To determine that the problem of missing scores is caused by hibernation, you can check it in BCS to the menu Tools -->Show log file to open the log file. Scroll all the way down to view the latest information. If you see the message: Computer suspended (standby)- Connection with server disabled, you know that the computer has entered hibernation [sleep mode].

Change standby setting

The hibernation settings are controlled in the Windows section "Power & sleep settings" The instructions below are for Windows 10.

Click on the Windows "search" bar and enter 'Power'. Select Power & sleep.

A screen similar to the image below will appear. (If you have a desktop computer, the lines "On battery power ..." may not be displayed.)

Change the two options for Sleep to "Never".

The Screen settings can be left as they are.

After you have made the changes, you can close the screen. The computer no longer enter standby mode.

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Location of log files

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