During a session the Bridgemates at the table function as you expect. When you return to the computer you see that the scores are not processed by your scoring program and are not showing up in Bridgemate Control Software (BCS). This article explains step by step how to recover the scores.


to recover the scores from the Bridgemates you need:

  1. A Bridgemate II server
  2. The Bridgemates that were used in the session
  3. The computer that was used to set up the session

Note: As Bridgemates store locally all results that have been entered during the session, make sure you use only the Bridgemates that you have used during this session. Otherwise you will retrieve random scores from other sessions and end up with incorrect scoring of your current session.


Follow this procedure to retrieve the scores from the Bridgemates:

  1. Connect the Bridgemate II server to your computer.
  2. Start your scoring program and open the session.
  3. Open Bridgemate Control Software (BCS) from your scoring program without restarting the server and erasing current information. You want to continue Bridgemate from its last known state. Consult the manual of your scoring program how to do this.
  4. In BCS, go to Session --> Synchronize recover and click on "Recover server". Follow the steps to recover the server with the last known state of the session.
  5. Click on tab “Backup scores” at the bottom of the main screen of BCS and enable option “Accept manually re-sent backup scores from Bridgemate”.

  6. Take a Bridgemate and access the score resend function:
    • Bridgemates which are still in result entry mode can resend the results from the TD-menu. Access the TD-menu with the TDMENU function key and PIN code, and press RESEND function key.
    • Bridgemates which show the main screen can resend the results from the setup menu. Press SETUP function key to access the setup menu (enter the Setup PIN code "749", if needed), press INFO, followed by RESEND function key.
  7. The number of board results in the Bridgemate memory is displayed. Press OK to initiate the retransmission. Retransmission will only succeed when the server is activated and contains the session data. Verify that the scores are added to the list of scores in BCS.
  8. Perform step 6 and 7 for all other Bridgemates.
  9. After retransmission, the board results can be posted in the scoring program using the normal procedure.

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