This article explains the functions and features for players on the Bridgemate Play play platform.



After you have successfully joined an online game, you arrive at the lobby. In the lobby you can chat with other online players and select your partner for this game.

Click the My partner button to select your partner for this game. After you have selected a partner, or someone else selects you as their partner, the partnership is created and you then wait until the director starts the game. Until the director confirms the number of pairs, you can undo the partnership by pressing the bin icon next to your partnership. This enables you to select another player as your partner.


Once the director starts the game, you are automatically directed to your assigned table and the bidding sequence of the first board begins.

When it is your turn to make a bid, choose your bid and press "Confirm". This is also where you can make alerts to your opponents. Bridgemate Play uses “self alerts”, which are seen by you and your opponents but not your partner.

Tools and options

During play, you have the following additional options which are accessible in the top bar or from the chat menu on the right:

  • Chat. You can send a message to everybody at the table or to your opponents only.
  • Claim. Claim a board by clicking the Claim button.
  • Call director. Call the tournament director for assistance by clicking the Director button.
  • View results. View results of played boards by clicking the Results button.
  • Edit system card. To edit your partnership's system card, click the System button and add or edit your system card description. The system card is retained for your partnership across online games.
  • Personal settings. Change your personal preferences for the Bridgemate Play console by clicking the Settings button.
  • Reload. Should you suspect you have been disconnected from the Bridgemate Play server, click the Reload button.
  • Full screen / Minimize. Click the Full screen button to hide the browser's frame and expand the Bridgemate Play console to fill the screen. Click Minimize to go back to smaller console size.

Lost connection

If your browser window closes accidentally and you lose connection to the Bridgemate Play server, simply reopen your browser, go to, log in with your Bridgemate account credentials and click the "Join event" button again. You will continue where play left off. The same procedure can also be used to switch between devices (for example, to switch from a tablet to a laptop).

End of game

When the online game is finished, your club processes all the scores in its scoring program and publishes the results in the usual way. You can also see the results in Bridgemate Play by pressing the Results button, or view the results, board percentages, hand records and so on in the Bridgemate app.

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