If you permanently don't want to make use of the online Bridgemate services, you can choose to delete your Bridgemate account and erase all your personal details. This article explains how delete your account.


If you decide not to make use of any Bridgemate online services anymore now or in the future, you may choose to permanently erase your Bridgemate account.

Bridgemate services and removal of your information

By removing your account, you will not have access anymore to the following Bridgemate online services:

Your following information will be permanently erased from Bridge Systems' servers and cannot be recovered:

  • Bridgemate account login credentials (email and password tokens)
  • First name, last name, country and language information
  • Acccount image
  • Club memberships registered in the Bridgemate app or Bridgemate Play
  • Recommendations to other users

The following information is not erased:

  • Your results and rankings in events that have been uploaded by the club(s) where you are playing.
  • Expiry date of your Bridgemate app subscription.
  • The Bridgemate club account of your club you were registered with. If your email address was used as the principal address of the maintainer of a Bridgemate club account, that email address will not be removed.

Delete your account permanently

Follow below procedure to delete your account permanently:

  1. Open the Bridgemate app on your iOS device or Android device.
  2. If you aren't logged in yet,log on to the app with your email address and password.
  3. On the Bridgemate app home page, go to "Account".
  4. On the account page, scroll to the end of the page and press the link "Delete my account" which is displayed in red.
  5. Confirm the question with "Yes".  Enter your password once more and press the red "Delete account permanently" button. 

Your account is now permanently erased and you are automatically logged out from the Bridgemate app.

Recreate a Bridgemate account

If you regret your earlier decision to erase your Bridgemate account, you can create again a Bridgemate account with the same email address. Please note that you have to enter all personal details again, as well as your club membership registrations. 

Delete your account on Bridgemate Play website

It is also possible to delete your Bridgemate account through the Bridgemate Play website. Go to Bridgemate Play website, log in with your Bridgemate account credentials, press "Account", and click on "Delete my Bridgemate account". You are now asked to enter your password once more to confirm your account being deleted. 

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