Using the Bridgemate app in an event requires your player number to be registered in the event. The club can pre-register you in the scoring program as participant, or the Bridgemate device on the playing table can be used where you enter your player number to register your attendance. In case the Bridgemate app is used for both scoring and player registration, you will need to register your attendance through the app. This article explains how to do so.




This procedure to register your attendance uses your membership number which you have provided in the app when registering your membership with a club. Therefore, you can only register your own attendance in the event. You cannot use your Bridgemate account to register for someone else, for example your partner. Each player must have a personal Bridgemate account to register their own attendance.

Selecting event and your starting position

As soon as the club has started the event from the scoring program and uploaded all information to the Bridgemate app, your Bridgemate app signals a new event has been started by your club:

Press the yellow button “Current event(s)” to join the event.

If you are member of multiple clubs and two or more of these clubs have a simultaneous event going on, you first have to select of which club you are joining the event. Usually there will be only one club and one event started at the same time.

Next step is select your starting table:

After having selected your starting table, select your position at that table:

Click on one of the open spots to claim your position in the event. If you have selected the wrong table, click “Back”.

Confirm your selected table and position in the final step:

Press “Confirm” to confirm your selection. You are now registered at the selected table and direction, and you are ready to play. Your name and player number is automatically communicated to the club’s scoring computer. You don’t need to enter your player number as this information is already available to your club through your membership registration in the Bridgemate app.


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