Before you can play online at Bridgemate Play, you must register with the relevant club or clubs in which you want to play. This article explains how to do so. If you have already registered with the club(s) through the Bridgemate app, these registrations are also visible in Bridgemate Play and you don't need to register again.

Important !
Registering your membership of a club in Bridgemate Play does not necessarily mean that you are actually a member of that club. Such registration is only for the purpose of Bridgemate Play and/or the Bridgemate app. If you are not already a member or player at a specific club and you would like to play there, please contact the club first.


Make sure you have successfully created a Bridgemate account, either through Bridgemate Play or the Bridgemate app.

Add your first membership registration

  1. Log in with your Bridgemate account at
  2. Click on Clubs in the menu bar on the left and click Add new club membership.
  3. Select the country and state (or province/county) in which your club is located. Click on the Club field to find and select your club. If your club isn't listed, this means it hasn't signed up and activated the Bridgemate app and Bridgemate Play services yet.
  4. Once you have selected your club, add your club membership number that the club uses to identify you in the club.
  5. Click on Add club membership to confirm the membership registration.

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