When starting Bridgemate Control Software on a Windows 10 computer, an error appears containing the message "Error reading comm device" and error number 8020.


Problem description

When Bridgemate Control Software is executed, the following error appears:

Trying to continue by clicking Yes does not help, and the program cannot be correctly started.



This error occurs on Microsoft Windows 10 when older versions of Bridgemate Control Software (version 2.8.29 or earlier) are used. It typically occurs when Windows has been updated from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10 and Bridgemate Control Software has not been re-installed. The solution is to install the latest version of Bridgemate Control Software.

Additional information

Latest version of Bridgemate Control Software
Driver for Bridgemate II server
Windows 10 driver for USB-serial converter for Bridgemate Pro server


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04-04-2016 - Article published