A Bridgemate II scoring device can be reset by the RESET key at the TD-menu entry screen or from the TD-menu itself. When the TD PIN code is unknown for that device and the RESET key has been disabled, the Bridgemate cannot be reset using the normal procedure. This article explains how you can still reset the Bridgemate.



Reset Bridgemate from the device itself

The two default methods to reset a Bridgemate are:

  1. Press the TDMENU key (left function key) and then press RESET key (right function key). The RESET function key however can be disabled by the tournament director in the Bridgemate options in Bridgemate Control Software or your scoring program. In that case the RESET key will not be visible.
  2. Press the TDMENU key (left function key) and enter the TD PIN code to access the TD-menu. Once in the TD-menu, press 0 to reset the Bridgemate. This method requires that you know the TD PIN code which was set in the Bridgemate options at the moment the game was started and the Bridgemate logged on to the server.

When these methods will not work because the RESET function key is disabled and the TD PIN code is unknown, you must reset the Bridgemate from the Bridgemate Control Software.

Reset Bridgemate from Bridgemate Control Software

To reset a Bridgemate from the Bridgemate Control Software, follow this procedure:

  1. Press the TDMENU key (left function key) on the Bridgemate to access the TD-menu entry screen. This screen will show you which section and table number the Bridgemate is assigned to, for example B7.
  2. Create a dummy game in your scoring program and make sure the section and table number which you found in step 1 is included in this dummy game.
  3. Start the Bridgemate system from your scoring program. Bridgemate Control Software will now be started and the Bridgemate server is loaded with the tables.
  4. In Bridgemate Control Software, go to menu Server --> Show Tables.
  5. Select the table which the Bridgemate is assigned to, and press "Reset table(s)" on the right side of the screen. Close the report screen.
  6. Now activate the Bridgemate by pressing the OK key. It should already be reset automatically. If not, try to enter a score and confirm the score as east-west. The Bridgemate will now be reset.

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