Bridgemate Play offers various features to enable tournament directors to run the online game smoothly. This article explains these features.


Features in the lobby before game is started

  • Break up pair combinations. In the list of confirmed pairs, you can undo a partnership by clicking on the bin icon next to the partnership.

  • Confirm number of online pairs. To start the online game, the number of pairs must be confirmed and entry must be closed.

Features during the game

  • View progress of all tables. The dashboard provides an overview of all the tables in play, their current position in the round, and which table requires attention.

  • Go to a tableVisit a table to view its current activity.
  • Resolve claim issues. When a claim is disputed, the TD can review the claim and assign the number of tricks to each pair.
  • Make announcements to all tablesMake an announcement to every table at once.
  • Start next round. Start the next round by pressing the yellow "Start next round" button.

  • View scores and hand records. Go to Live Results to view the current ranking, board results and hand records.
  • Make score corrections. View the travellers in Live Results to change a board result.

TDs can be playing or non-playing. Playing TDs only have access to the travellers and handrecords of those boards they have already played.

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