From firmware version 2.1.1 onwards, Bridgemate II shows a SITOUT notification when there is a bye round, rather than skipping the round. This article goes into more depth.



Bridgemate II firmware 2.0 and earlier versions skip a round whenever it was a bye round. For example, if round 2 was a bye, the Bridgemate would proceed immediately to round 3 after round 1 was completed. This wasn't always made clear to the players and it had the disadvantage that the Bridgemate could still be used during the bye round, scores could be entered and other interaction was possible when it should not have been allowed.

SITOUT notification

From version 2.1.1 onwards, a modification was made. The Bridgemate now shows the word "SITOUT" and the device is blocked for further unauthorised interaction.

Sitout round

The Bridgemate keeps displaying this notification, and only continues to the next round when at least one of the other tables within the same section has completed all the boards for that round, and has thus completed the round. The Bridgemate displaying "SITOUT" now leaves the bye round and moves on to the next round. It is not necessary for all tables to have completed the round - it is sufficient that minimum one table within the same section must have completed the round. The bye notification is also shown if the last round is a bye round. The Bridgemate shows "End of session" as soon as one of the other tables has completed the round. Only then can the rankings and personal summary be viewed on the Bridgemate.

TD menu

During the bye round, the tournament director's menu can be accessed by pressing TDMENU in the lower-left corner. If BACK is displayed instead of TDMENU, first press BACK (this displays the new table assignments for the pairs who played this table in the previous round), then press TDMENU.

Multiple servers

If multiple servers are used in the event (for example, when the event is played in several separate locations), each server should only contain those tables whose Bridgemates will connect to that specific server. If all the tables for the event are uploaded to all the servers, those tables having Bridgemates that are connected to another server don’t get their scores and remain in round 1. As a result, any tables displaying a “SITOUT” message don’t proceed to the next round. You can manage the tables individually in the Bridgemate Control Software, and can add or remove tables from the server. See chapter 3 of the Bridgemate II manual for more information.


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