This article explains how data is processed from the online game, and how data from the face-to-face game and online game is exchanged and synchronised in real time.


After you have started the hybrid game successfully, all data is automatically exchanged and synchronised between the online game, face-to-face game and Bridgemate Control Software. This means:

  • Player names and numbers from the online game are retrieved by Bridgemate Control Software.
  • Scores from the online game and face-to-face game are processed by Bridgemate Control Software and synchronised across the hybrid game.
  • Updated rankings and board result percentages calculated across both the online game and face-to-face game are shared and visible to all players.

The scoring program retrieves all the information (player names, player numbers, board results) from both the online game and face-to-face game in the usual way. For the scoring program, there is no difference in processing the online game or face-to-face game.

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