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Use member numbers as much as possible

The Bridgemate app can only link a player account to the results of a bridge event through the member number registration. It is therefore important that you use member numbers wherever possible and that member numbers are given to Bridgemate Control Software (BCS) by your scoring program. Member numbers are displayed in the Players tab in BCS. Usually you use the numbers assigned to players by the national bridge organisation (NBO) in your country. However, if you don't use these numbers, or your club consists mostly of players who are not affiliated to the NBO, make sure you assign your own unique number to each player. The Bridgemate app does not require the use of NBO member numbers, however each player within a club must have a unique number so they can be distinguished from other players. (Note that a player can have a different number assigned at each club at which he or she plays.)

Use hand records for a richer experience

Using hand records as much as possible vastly improves the whole Bridgemate app experience. If you use a duplication machine to deal the hands, make sure you import the hand records in BCS (preferably at the start of the event). If your scoring program automatically includes the hand records in the Bridgemate .bws file when starting the Bridgemate system from the scoring program, it's even better. If you aren't using pre-dealt boards, you can record the shuffled deals with the Bridgemate II scoring system. All recorded boards are automatically uploaded to the Bridgemate app and available for review and game analysis.

Upload missing data

If any data went missing during the upload and didn't make it to the Bridgemate app, you can simply upload this data manually. This applies not only to results and hand records, but also to rankings and board percentages. See this article for more information.

Keep BCS running with no open windows to upload data

As long as BCS is running and the Bridgemate server is connected, all incoming results (and hand records, if recorded manually) from the server are automatically uploaded to the Bridgemate app. Rankings and board percentages, however, are only uploaded once every minute, and it is necessary to close all windows in BCS for this upload to take place. Therefore, during an event, you should close all windows in BCS and only have the main BCS screen as the active window.

Correct scores in BCS or Bridgemate (as opposed to scoring program)

Score corrections made in the scoring program which are not sent back to BCS, are not uploaded to the Bridgemate app, and this creates a difference between the final rankings calculated by the scoring program and those visible in the Bridgemate app. To minimise these differences, score corrections should be made as much as possible in the Bridgemate scoring devices or in BCS. This ensures that the corrected score is uploaded to the Bridgemate app and included in the updated rankings.

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