Each hybrid game starts with creating the online part of the game. This is done via the Bridgemate club account administration website. This article explains in detail how to do so.


Create the online game

By creating the online part of the hybrid game, you create a virtual playing area for your club, where the online players meet each other at the specified date and time. The online game can be created days or weeks in advance. Follow the steps below to create the online part of the hybrid game:

  1. Go to Bridgemate club account login page and log in with your Bridgemate club account number and password (your password is not the same as your verification code).
  2. Go to "Online events" and click "Create new event". The following window appears:

  3. If you have completed your event schedule in the "Club information" -> "Event schedule" section, you can select an event from the drop-down list to fill in certain information automatically. If you want to create an online game based on an earlier event, select "Copy existing event" and select the previous event from the list. Only the last ten events are displayed. If you don't want to use any previous information, just press "Clear form" to clear any data and fill out the form from scratch.
  4. Name: This is the name of the online part of the hybrid game.
    Date: The date of the hybrid game.
    Time: The time the hybrid game is scheduled to start.
    Event type: The type of game that will be played. You can choose Pairs, IMP or Cross-IMP.
    Open event: Specifies whether the game is only for club members or also for non-club members.
    Where: The game can be played as fully hybrid (online and club) or online only. Both types are organised in the same way, but a full hybrid game has one section online plus one or more sections offline at the club, whereas online only games have just one section, which is played online.
    Pre-register: If players need to register upfront in order to participate, set this field to Yes.
    Registration start/end: When Pre-register is enabled, specify when registration is open to players here. Players must register within this period to be able to play in the online game.
    Lobby open: The number of minutes (between five and sixty) before the scheduled start time that the lobby opens to players.
    TD(s): The TD for the online part of the game. The TD must be a registered player listed in "Player registrations" and marked as tournament director. The TD can be a playing or non-playing TD.
  5. Press "Add" to create the online game. If the game is within the next seven days, the game is visible to the players from the Bridgemate Play console.

Modify or delete the online game

If the hybrid game has not yet been started from Bridgemate Control Software, it is possible to make changes to the online game or delete it. In the list of created online events, click on the green pencil "edit" icon of the online event that you want to change. Click on the red icon to delete the online event.

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