Bridgemate Play allows players easy access to online games. This article explains how to register for an online game and access it.


After you have successfully created a Bridgemate account and registered with your club, you can register for and access your club's online games from your personal page on the Bridgemate Play website.

Go to, log in with your Bridgemate account details and go to Events to see the online games hosted by your club(s). The events page lists the events that are scheduled for today and any upcoming events in the next seven days.

Join an online game

You can join the current day's online game when the Join event button is displayed. After clicking this button, you arrive in the lobby of the online game, where you select your partner and wait for the game to start. If the Join event button is not yet visible, the lobby isn't open yet and the remaining time until the lobby opens is displayed.

Register for an online game

Online games that require pre-registration show a Register button. Pressing this registers you for this event. If you don't register for an online game that requires registration, you cannot take part in that game after its registration period has ended. 

If you want to cancel your registration with an online game, press the Cancel registration button. This is only possible when the registration period is still active.

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