If scores are lost from your computer and the Bridgemate Pro server no longer contains any data, the scores can still be recovered from the Bridgemate Pro scoring devices. This article explains how to do so.



To retrieve scores directly from the Bridgemate scoring device, it is necessary to connect a Bridgemate communication cable to the serial port of your PC. If you don't have such a cable, please consult your Bridgemate supplier. A Bridgemate communication cable looks like this:



All scores that are entered are also saved in the local memory of the Bridgemates. If, for whatever reason, a Bridgemate is unable to feed a board result to the server, or all the scores on your computer and in the Bridgemate Pro server are lost, you have the option of reading the scores manually in the Bridgemate Control Software (BCS). To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure BCS is not running.
  2. Makse sure the Bridgemate Pro server is not connected to the USB port of the computer
  3. Make sure the ATEN USB-serial converter (with communications cable connected to it) is also NOT connected to the USB port of the computer.
  4. Start the Bridgemate Control Software from your scoring program and make sure the correct .bws score file is opened in BCS.
  5. Go to Session -> Read Bridgemate locally.
  6. You will be asked to connect the communication cable, do so. After you have connected the communication cable, press "OK".

  7. The following screen now appears:

  8. Activate the Bridgemate Pro device and connect the Bridgemate to the communication cable via the data port on the back of the Bridgemate. All board results are read and stored in the result file, including scores that have already been sent. These scores can now be processed in your scoring program in the usual way.
  9. Disconnect the Bridgemate from the communication cable and connect another Bridgemate if necessary.

Communication cable not found

If the connection window does not appear, and you receive a warning message that the communication cable could not be found, remove the USB-serial converter and the communication cable from the USB port and re-insert it into the computer. Repeat steps 2 to 4 and the connection window will now appear.


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