Firmware version 2.3.2a is available for Bridgemate Pro scoring device and version 1.2.6 for Bridgemate Pro server.


Bridgemate Control Software must be version 1.6.15 or higher. Recommended is version 2.8.27 or later. At least Windows XP SP3 or later version of Windows is required.



Read the instructions before you perform the update to this version.


Bridgemate Pro server 1.2.6 firmware (366KB)

RF protocol

Bridgemate RF protocol 1.3 firmware update (8 KB)

Bridgemate firmware

DK232a.bpf   -   Danish
EN232a.bpf   -   English
NL232a.bpf   -   Dutch
FR232a.bpf   -   French
DE232a.bpf   -   German
IT232a.bpf   -   Italian
NO232a.bpf   -   Norwegian
PL232a.bpf   -   Polish
PT232a.bpf   -   Portuguese
ES232a.bpf   -   Spanish
SE232a.bpf   -   Swedish
TR232a.bpf   -   Turkish

North America:
US232a.bpf   -   English (USA)

AU232a.bpf   -   English (Australia)

Revision history

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Previous versions



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Download Bridgemate Control Software version 3.6.10


Update history

22-10-2013 - Article published

07-07-2017 - Australian firmware added