Pre-registration enables clubs to have better control over who participates in the online hybrid game and know how many players there will be. This article explains how to make the best use of pre-registration.


Using pre-registration has the following advantages:

  • Only players who have registered during the registration period can join the online game.
  • You have an ongoing overview of which players have registered and intend to play.
  • You can control who participates in the online game.

Set the registration period

You specify the registration period when you create the online game. Set the registration start and end times to determine the registration period:

Players may only register during this period. At any time, you can modify the registration period or remove pre-registration by modifying the online game.

Check and remove registered players

Details of the online game and the registration are displayed in "Current events":

To see who has registered for the online game, click on the dark blue icon on the right:

To remove a player, click on the red cross icon next to the participant you want to remove.


  • While players may have registered beforehand, they can still choose not to play by simply not showing up in the online game lobby.
  • Players who have not registered but still want to play after the registration period has ended, are denied entry to the online game lobby. The only way to let them play is to remove or extend the registration period.
  • When players register but do not show up in the online game, this has no adverse effect on your online game. There are simply fewer players than expected.

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