This article explains how to configure score entry in the Bridgemate app and process the scores in Bridgemate Control Software. 


One-time preparations

The following one-time preparations must be done to enable the score entry feature in the Bridgemate app:

  1. Enable Bridgemate app in your club. The club must have enabled the use of the Bridgemate app and the event must be uploaded to the app. For more information, see the articles on how to enable the Bridgemate app and upload the event to the Bridgemate app.
  2. Enable score entry in the app. Log in with your Bridgemate club account details at the club account login page, then go to "App configuration" and enable the "Enter scores in the Bridgemate app" option. If you wish to enter the lead card as well during score entry, enable the "Enter lead card" option.

    If you allow players to review the scores of others, make sure the "Show personal score sheet during game" and the "Display scores immediately" options are selected. Click "Save" to confirm your settings.
  3. Enable score processing in Bridgemate Control Software. Start Bridgemate Control Software on your club scoring computer, go to Tools -> Options -> App settings and tick "Use Bridgemate app to enter board results".

    Press "OK" to save your settings.

You have now completed the preparations.

Requirements during the event

For each event in which you allow players to enter scores in the Bridgemate app, make sure the following requirements are met:

  • Players must use the Bridgemate app. On each table, at least one player must use the Bridgemate app and have an active subscription to the Bridgemate app service. There is no requirement for this player to be seated in a specific direction. Because pairs rotate between tables, it is advised that at least one player in each pair uses the Bridgemate app. This prevents the situation where a table is left without any player using the Bridgemate app.
  • Sufficient credits. To process scores from the Bridgemate app into Bridgemate Control Software, credits are required. Credits can be purchased from your local Bridgemate distributor.

Scoring the event with the Bridgemate app

After the preparations have been made and the above requirements are met, scoring a bridge game using the Bridgemate app is straightforward.  The procedure is the same as using the Bridgemate scoring devices, but instead players use the app to enter the scores. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Set up the event in your scoring program as normal.
  2. Start the Bridgemate system from the event in your scoring program. This launches Bridgemate Control Software with all the relevant event details.
  3. Upload the event to the Bridgemate app. This is usually done automatically at the start of the event.
  4. Let the players use the Bridgemate app to enter the scores. For more information, see the Enter scores in the Bridgemate app article.
  5. Keep Bridgemate Control Software running. Scores are automatically processed in Bridgemate Control Software. Board percentages and rankings are calculated and updated by Bridgemate Control Software, and periodically uploaded back to the Bridgemate app.

Scores not being processed

If scores are not being processed by Bridgemate Control Software, it means you have run out of credits. Purchase new credits in order to process the results.

Score corrections

Players can correct scores themselves in the app while the round is still in progress. Once the round has finished, the tournament director can make score changes in Bridgemate Control Software. Score corrections made in Bridgemate Control Software are automatically uploaded back to the Bridgemate app.

Using Bridgemates and the Bridgemate app together

Entering scores on the Bridgemate scoring devices and in the Bridgemate app can be combined in an event. Scores entered on the Bridgemate app appear on the Bridgemate scoring devices and vice versa. You are free to decide which tables use Bridgemate scoring devices and which tables use the Bridgemate app for score entry. It is possible to use both the Bridgemate app and Bridgemate devices on the same table to enter scores, although this may generate confusion and is generally not advised. However, should a Bridgemate device fail for whatever reason, you can easily switch to Bridgemate app score entry.

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