This article explains how original score records can be erased instead of creating an "Erased" copy of the original score record, which is the default procedure in Bridgemate Control Software.


By default, Bridgemate Control Software leaves the original score record intact when this score is deleted (either manually or from the Bridgemate). A copy of the original record is created and the value "Erased" is set to True to indicate that the original score has been deleted. The date/time field of the new record indicates when the original result was deleted. These two records together provide history of the original recorded score and when it was deleted.

Sometimes it might be more convenient to erase the original score record instead of creating an "Erased" copy of the record. Take the following steps in order to do so:

Bridgemate Control Software version 2.8.29 or earlier:

  1. Go to menu Tools - Options - General.
  2. On the tab "General" check the option "Erase original records of deleted scores".
  3. Press OK to save the changes to the options screen.

Any score that is now deleted will have its record erased. This applies to scores that are manually deleted from Bridgemate Control Software as well as to scores that are removed from the Bridgemate.

Bridgemate Control Software version 3.1.2 or later:
Select the score(s) that you want to delete. Right-mouse click the selected score(s), and press Delete score (+ erase original record).


  • "Erased" records can also be deleted using this procedure. If scores were not processed yet by the scoring program, the original score will remain intact.
  • Deleting an "Erased" record will not restore the original score in the Bridgemate.

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