After all the preparations have been made, you can start the hybrid game. This articles explains this step in more details.


When you have completed setting up the game in your scoring program, you are now ready to start the hybrid game. First, start the Bridgemate system from your scoring program in the usual way. This launches Bridgemate Control Software with all the details of the hybrid game. If you have enabled the hybrid game functionality in Bridgemate Control Software, the following screen appears:

Be sure to enable "Show session in app". This is needed to upload all the session details of both the online section and the face-to-face sections to the Bridgemate servers.

The online games appear in the 'Hybrid session' part of this screen. Usually only one online game is displayed and this game is automatically selected. If you have created more than one online game for today, multiple online games are displayed and you should select the one you are currently playing.

Specify which section is the online section and specify how many minutes each online round lasts.

When done, press "Close" to close this window. All information is now uploaded to the online servers and the hybrid game is automatically started. The Bridgemates in the club are started as well, and both the online and face-to-face sections are ready to play the game.


The following problems may occur when setting up your hybrid game:

  • Mismatch of pairs
  • Number of pairs not confirmed in online game
  • Hand records missing

Mismatch of pairs

When the number of pairs set in the scoring program does not match the number of confirmed pairs in the online game, the online game cannot be started. Close Bridgemate Control Software, correct the number of pairs in your scoring program and restart the Bridgemate system.

Number of pairs not confirmed in online game

If the number of pairs is not confirmed in the online game, the online game cannot be started. Go back to the online game, confirm the number of pairs, then continue to start the hybrid game in Bridgemate Control Software.

Hand records missing

Hand records are essential to start the online game. If the hand records were not imported in the scoring program and forwarded by the scoring program to the Bridgemate system, Bridgemate Control Software warns you about the missing hand records and allows you to import them directly. Import the hand records, then start the hybrid game as usual.

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