This article explains how to enter scores on the Bridgemate app and make score corrections.


To use the Bridgemate app as your scoring device, you must have installed the app, created a Bridgemate account and registered with your club. Moreover, your subscription to the Bridgemate app service must be active. The club must have enabled score entry in the Bridgemate app.

Entering scores

When score entry in the active event is enabled, a yellow New score button appears on most screens.

Press this button to start entering a new score in the current round on this table.

First select the number of the board.

Boards already played are marked with a green tick. Start entering a new score by selecting a board number that has not yet been played. After the board number has been selected, the contract is entered.

Select the final contract (do not enter the complete auction). Select Pass if all players passed or select No play if the board was not played at all, for example due to a lack of time.

Once the contract is selected, the declarer and, optionally, double or redouble are selected.

Select the declarer by clicking the correct direction. If the contract was doubled or redoubled, press the X or XX button to indicate double or redouble. Once the declarer is selected, the lead card is entered. This screen appears only if the club has enabled entry of lead card.

You can select either suit or card first. Once you’ve selected both, the screen automatically moves to entry of number of tricks.

Click on one of the green buttons for contracts that were made. Click on one of the red buttons when the contract was not made. If more or fewer tricks were made than are visible on the screen, slide the green or red buttons to the left to display more options.
After the number of tricks has been selected, the app asks for verification by your opponents.

If your opponent agrees with the score, click Accept (or let your opponent click this button). If your opponent disagrees, press Disagree to return to the previous screen and correct the score.

You can view results (if your club settings allow it), enter the next score or leave the score entry screen and go back to the event.

Correcting a score

To correct a score in the current round that has already been confirmed by your opponent, press the board number button marked with a green tick to modify the score. Once the round has finished, only the tournament director can make score changes.

If you made a mistake during score entry that your opponent has confirmed, click on the incorrect information in the summary bar to return to that entry screen.

For example, if you selected board 8 instead of 6, click on Board 6 to return to the board entry screen and enter the correct information from there onwards. If you only entered the lead card wrongly, click on ♠5 to re-enter the lead card.

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