To make full use of all the different Bridgemate technologies, you can combine Bridgemate Play with Bridgemate scoring devices and the Bridgemate app. This article explains the benefits of doing so and how to set things up.


Using a combination of Bridgemate scoring devices, the Bridgemate app on players' smartphones and Bridgemate Play for online participants maximises the benefits for your club. Scores can be entered reliably with Bridgemates and/or the Bridgemate app, and online players can join the game using Bridgemate Play. All players, either at the club or online, can follow their results in the Bridgemate app. 

As an example, consider the following hybrid club game situation:

  • Section A plays face to face at the club and uses Bridgemate devices for scoring. Some players follow their results live in the Bridgemate app.
  • Section B plays face to face at the club. The club is short of Bridgemates, so the players in this section use the Bridgemate app on their mobile phones instead to register their scores.
  • Section C is played simultaneously online via Bridgemate Play. The online section is scored seamlessly with the two face-to-face sections and some players also use the Bridgemate app to follow their results.
  • The scores of all three sections are collected by Bridgemate Control Software and sent to the club's scoring program.

Follow this procedure to combine all the different Bridgemate technologies:

  1. Set up the face-to-face sections A and B at the club and distribute Bridgemates to the tables of section A.
  2. Make sure at least one player in each pair in section B has a Bridgemate account and uses the Bridgemate app. This is required to enter scores in the app. In the case of a two-winner Mitchell movement, only one player of the stationary pair needs to use the Bridgemate app, and the moving pair can do without.
  3. Set up the online game which is played via Bridgemate Play and let players join the online game. All online players must have a Bridgemate account to access Bridgemate Play. The same Bridgemate account can also be used to access the Bridgemate app.
  4. Make sure you have enabled score entry in the Bridgemate app.
  5. Once all the players at the club have arrived and the online section is complete, set up the game in your scoring program.
  6. Launch the Bridgemate system and start the hybrid game. All Bridgemates become active and the hybrid game begins.
  7. Player names and numbers must now be registered:
    • Section A players enter their member number in the Bridgemates. 
    • Player numbers of section B must be entered manually in Bridgemate Control Software. (A feature to enable registration for the current session in the Bridgemate app is under development)
    • Names and numbers of the online players in section C are automatically processed.
  8. All scores, player names, rankings, hand records and so on are now synchronised between the Bridgemate scoring devices, the Bridgemate app and Bridgemate Play. Players who use the Bridgemate app to follow their results, regardless of their section, see all the results of every section. Bridgemate Control Software is the central processing system and you must ensure your computer remains on and connected to the internet. All information is sent to your scoring program for further processing and publication.

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