Online players can join the game through the Bridgemate Play portal website. This article explains the procedure and requirements.


Before players can join the online game on Bridgemate Play, the following requirements must be met:

  1. You must have created an online game that is scheduled for today.
  2. If pre-registration is enabled, players must have registered within the registration period.
  3. Players must have created a membership registration with your club
  4. The current time is within the specified lobby-open period.

When these requirements are fulfilled, the player joins the online game by going to in their internet browser and logging in with their Bridgemate account credentials. After logging in, the player sees today's events that they can join:

By clicking the "Join event" button, the player enters the lobby area of the online game and can create a partnership for the game. See the article Registering with and joining an online game for more information.

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